Hatha Yoga Basics 

Through the use of various postures, conscious breathing, and mental focus, our Hatha Basics Class will provide both a physical and mental challenge.  The class is specifically designed to increase flexibility, build strength, and improve spacial awareness.  Focusing primarily on body alignment and breathing techniques, you will learn the “building blocks” for a lifetime of yoga practice. Each class will conclude with a short meditation leaving you relaxed and refreshed. 

Hatha Yoga Movement

Join the Hatha Yoga Movement Class for a challenge unlike you’ve ever encountered. The dynamic nature of our Hatha Movement Class will provide a strong cardiovascular workout in addition to the physical and mental challenge of Hatha Basics (static poses).  Each carefully constructed class will lead you quickly from one posture to the next (both standing and sitting), while controlling your breath. All of our instructors provide modifications when necessary to cater to a wider variety of skill/experience levels.

Rockin' Hatha

Rockin’ Hatha is a fun and chill way to wind down the weekend and rock your way into the week ahead.  This is a 100% ALL Levels form and flow class designed to develop the strength, flexibility, balance and awareness that allows us to enjoy more of what we love in life!  You want to get an edge in your golf game, feel better on your bike, run with more freedom and less injury?  Yoga is your ticket to ride. This class is very alignment oriented. Tia’s teaching is otherwise relaxed and playful. She encourages a balance between working hard and the joy of experiencing one’s individual practice and true nature. There is a strong emphasis on community. You will be welcomed and encouraged into a very social and supportive group.

Hatha Yoga Strength

Rob's Hatha Yoga Strength class is a unique yoga experience designed for the yogi seeking an extra challenge physically while maintaining the mental and emotional aspects so crucial to an effective yoga practice. Holding poses for significantly longer periods of time than our other classes, you will leave the Strength class having experienced a full body workout.  Feeling physically exhausted and mentally refreshed, the Hatha Strength class is perfect for those looking to increase muscular strength and endurance while avoiding fitness equipment and heavy free weights. 

*We strongly recommend taking one of our Hatha Yoga Movement classes before trying a Hatha Yoga Strength class.

Alignment Based Hatha

Alignment, positive energy and a strong focus on community combine to make this class accessible to all levels.  Drawing on principles of Anusara (alignment based), Vinyasa (flow), classical Hatha yoga and Tia’s many years in both the medical and fitness worlds, this class is designed to develop the strength, flexibility, balance and awareness that allows us to enjoy more of what we love in life!  It can bring freedom from pain, improve functional skills, improve posture and encourages being present in the moment.  The content of each class will be chosen to suit those present as well as the energy of the group. Tia’s teaching style includes precise biomechanical alignment and is otherwise relaxed, welcoming and playful. She encourages a balance between working hard and the joy of experiencing one’s individual practice and true nature. The tools acquired in this class can be applied to all other yoga practices, sports and life in general.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a fusion class combining yoga, fitness and barre inspired work to strengthen and lengthen.  This class focuses on proper alignment, mindful movement and control.  With this integrative dynamic approach you will work your body and mind in a deeper, safer and more intelligent way.  You can expect high reps and low impact moves from various disciplines to build super strong core and glutes, boost your metabolism and build beautiful long lean muscle!

"Xtreme 4" Sport - Golf Specific

The Xtreme 4 Fitness class focuses on the four main components of fitness and we take that to the extreme. Join TPI Fitness Professional Chris Parkerson for a strength training class designed for athletes, particularly golfers.  Whether you’re new to the gym or you’ve been strength training for years, you will definitely learn a number of beneficial exercises to you enhance your performance on the course, court, or field of play. During each session, Chris will guide you through a series of specific exercises catered to your areas of need while carefully observing proper form and execution of each exercise.  Proper preparation involves much more than just practicing your craft, so let the R II M Fitness X4 Sport classes start transforming your body today!  

Yoga for Runners and Athletes 

*Starting Mondays at 6pm in June 2017*

This class caters to runners, athletes and anyone who things they’re “too stiff to do yoga”.    Each week we will move through a well-rounded sequence addressing the areas of the body most overused and prone to injury. Yoga is a fantastic supplement to any athlete’s program to improve performance, prevent injuries and alleviate pain from imbalances that your sport causes and exacerbates.  You will build core strength, increase range of motion, improve mental focus and chill.  All levels welcome.